New 4k Cameras!

This Month at VOXPOD we installed a brand spanking new 4k camera and lighting rig to make sure your video podcast looks EPIC. We were thrilled to host Rob Brydon for the Brydon & Podcast for Spotify with guest David Harbour.
Harper Collins published the audiobook of James Davies’ book Body recorded at VOXPOD. We highly recommend it if you’re looking to cure those aches and pains! We welcomed back Fearne Cotton as a guest on the upcoming WonderStruck podcast.
Angus Warburton launched his excellent new pod The Angus Warburton Show where he asks his guests how they traverse the good and bad in life to come out on top.
Make sure to take advantage of special 10% off for all first time clients of VOXPOD so now’s the time to book in your show. Email to book now!