Frequently Asked Questions


Questions & Answers


1. What are the hours at VOXPOD?

On weekdays, VOXPOD is open for bookings between 10am and 10pm. For weekend bookings, please email info@voxpod.local.

2. When can I expect my files to be delivered by VOXPOD?

Our engineers aim to provide at least your raw audio and video files and a vision mix immediately after your podcast has finished. If extra editing is required, all files are delivered within 24 hours.

3. Do I need to bring any equipment?

VOXPOD provides all the necessary equipment to record your podcast! Cameras, microphones and hard drives all included in the price. If you wish to record your own video, or use your own hard drive, please reach out to us at info@voxpod.local to enquire about alternative setups.

4. What is a ‘vision mix’?

At the beginning of your session, our engineers will ask if you would like a ‘vision mix’. This is a professional live edit of the video, with camera cuts between speaking participants. We recommend a vision mix as a great starting point for any edited podcast.

5. What files do VOXPOD provide?

VOXPOD intends to provide you with MP3/WAV audio files and video files immediately after your session. If you would prefer different file formats, please contact us at info@voxpod.local.

6. How do I book a session at VOXPOD?

Booking time at VOXPOD is easy. Simply visit http://voxpod.local/booking/ and fill in your details to enquire.

7. What’s the difference between the Red Studio and the Green Studio at VOXPOD?

The Red Room is a larger space and can therefore house more guests. It offers 5 cameras, as well as the option for remote guests. It also has a larger control room, suited for big production teams. The Green Room is a smaller and more intimate setting. It has three cameras, and is accordingly ideal for 2-3 person podcasts. It also offers options for remote guests.

8. What equipment does VOXPOD use?

VOXPOD uses a variety of industry standard equipment, including Presonus desks and mics and Sony a6300 cameras. VOXPOD uses state of the art Apple Macs to ensure swift file upload and delivery.

9. What time should I arrive at VOXPOD before my session?

VOXPOD advises that guests arrive 15 minutes before the session start time.

10. Does VOXPOD allow for remote guests?

Yes! VOXPOD uses the industry standard for pristine remote recordings, no matter what the state of the guest’s internet is.

11. Can VOXPOD edit and produce my show?

If required, VOXPOD is able to take your show right from its initial recording all the way through to completion. Please contact the studio for a quote on production.