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Why Should I Start A Podcast

In recent years, podcasts have exploded with popularity. Millions of people tune in to listen to their favorite shows each week, and you could be one of them. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the best reasons why starting a podcast at VOXPOD could be a great idea for you.

Reach a Global Audience

One of the biggest advantages of podcasting is that it allows you to reach a global audience. Unlike traditional radio or television broadcasting, which is limited by geographic location, podcasts can be accessed from anywhere in the world. This means that you can connect with listeners from all over the globe. At VOXPOD, we pride ourselves on our studio accessibility, production quality and file delivery speed. Based in London, we are at the heart of a multicultural metropolis and our 24-hour file turnaround means that your podcast is easy to produce, while always staying relevant and up to date. Moreover, we fully support video conferences, using the podcast industry standard, Riversidefm. Not only can your audience be anywhere in the world but so can your guests. 

Build Your Personal Brand

Podcasting is a great way to build your personal brand and establish yourself as an expert in your field. VOXPOD can help you create a podcast that focuses on topics related to your industry, or area of expertise, and hone in on your ability to communicate valuable messages to your audience. Record your podcast in the studio already trusted by the likes of Idris Elba, Michael Morpurgo, Rob Brydon, Rita Ora and Bradley Simmonds. Over time, as your following increases, you may find that you become a recognised authority on your topic. Future business opportunities may soon follow as your audience recognises the value of your voice. Your podcast will then become a regular place to highlight your area of expertise by engaging in entertaining conversations that showcase your professional ability.

Connect With Your Audience

Podcasting is an intimate medium that allows you to connect with your audience on a deeper level than other forms of content creation. When people listen to your podcast, they feel like they are part of a conversation with you, which can help build trust and loyalty. By creating a podcast with VOXPOD that speaks directly to your target audience, you can establish a strong connection that builds a tight-knit community around your brand. Dedicated listeners are incredibly important and by using VOXPOD’s professional studios, rewarding your audience with professional content has never been easier. This allows you to simultaneously pursue your professional career while effortlessly building a loyal fanbase of listeners. 

Create Engaging Content

Podcasts are a great way to create engaging content that keeps your audience coming back for more. Unlike written content, which can sometimes feel dry or boring, podcasts allow you to inject your personality and sense of humor into your message. VOXPOD’s state of the art recording studios provide you with high quality audio, as well as up to 5 camera angles. By introducing HD video footage to your podcast, you can reach a much wider audience. Not only is visual media an extra stimulant, but VOXPOD can also edit select scenes from your latest show to be used as reels and trailers for your chosen social feeds. This massively helps cultivate new audience members and is essential if you want your podcast to stay engaging and feel professional. If you want your personal brand to thrive, slick and captivating content is imperative. VOXPOD’s engineers make this even easier by doing the hard work for you. 

Monetize Your Content

Finally, podcasting can be a great way to monetize your content and earn additional income. There are a variety of ways to monetize a podcast, including sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and selling merchandise. Many of VOXPOD’s clients monetize their shows through sponsorships that are relevant to their audience and brand. By producing your show with VOXPOD, it is even easier to negotiate lucrative sponsorship deals because the production quality of your podcast will already be at the forefront of industry standards. As your podcast grows in popularity, you may find that these monetization opportunities become even more lucrative, allowing you to turn your passion for podcasting into a profitable business.

Starting a podcast can be a great way to connect with a global audience, create engaging content, and monetize your brand. If you have a passion for a particular topic or industry, or if you simply enjoy talking to people and sharing your thoughts and ideas, podcasting may be the perfect medium for you. Why not book your time at VOXPOD, and see where it takes you?

What does a Podcast Studio offer?

In recent years, podcasts have become an increasingly popular medium for sharing and consuming content. At VOXPOD, we recognised that if you wanted your podcast to stand out, you would need a professional production team behind you. As a result, we are the only studio in London where professional podcasters such as: Rob Brydon and Idris Elba consider recording their high-quality audio and video content. But what exactly do we do for them, and what can we do for you? In this blog, we’ll explore the ins and outs of our studios and how we can take your podcast to the next level. 

A Dedicated Recording Space

First and foremost, a podcast studio like VOXPOD is a dedicated space for recording audio content. It’s equipped with professional-grade equipment, including microphones, headphones, mixing consoles, and audio software, to ensure the highest possible sound quality. In addition VOXPOD offers soundproofing to minimize background noise and improve the clarity of the audio.

A Range of Services

Podcast studios offer a range of services, from basic recording to full-service production. Some studios provide a space for creators to record their podcasts independently, while others, such as VOXPOD, offer more comprehensive services such as audio editing, post-production, and distribution.


One of the main advantages of using a podcast studio is the quality of the audio production. Professional-grade equipment and soundproofing can make a big difference in the quality of the audio, which can ultimately attract more listeners and improve the overall listening experience. In addition, working with a studio can provide access to experienced audio engineers and producers who can help polish the final product and make it more engaging. All VOXPOD engineers are trained at Abbey Road Studios.


Another advantage of working with a podcast studio is the convenience it offers. Many studios provide a dedicated space for recording, which eliminates the need for creators to set up their own equipment and find a suitable location to record. At VOXPOD, our production team prides itself in fast editorial turnarounds, meaning that you get your high-quality footage delivered back to you quickly. This can save creators time and effort, allowing you to focus on creating content instead of technical details.


In addition to these benefits, podcast studios can also provide access to a community of podcasters and industry professionals. By working with a studio, creators can connect with others who are passionate about podcasting and learn from their experiences. This can be invaluable for new podcasters who are just starting out and looking for guidance and support.

A podcast studio plays a crucial role in the podcasting industry by providing the space, equipment, and production services needed to create high-quality audio content. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your podcast to the next level, a podcast studio can help you achieve your goals and produce professional-grade content. If you’re interested in starting your own podcast, consider reaching out to a podcast studio in your area to learn more about the services they offer.

London Podcast Editing

How to make your podcast sound professional

Making your podcast sound professional is essential to building a successful and engaged audience. A high-quality podcast requires a combination of technical expertise and creative skills. But beyond that, having access to a good podcast studio can make a significant difference in the overall quality of your podcast. In this article, we’ll explore some tips on how to make your podcast sound professional, as well as highlight some of the benefits of partnering with a good podcast studio.

Tips for Making Your Podcast Sound Professional

Use Quality Equipment

The quality of your podcast will be largely determined by the quality of your equipment. Invest in a good quality microphone, headphones, and recording software. Look for equipment that can capture high-quality audio and minimize background noise. Additionally, invest in editing software to remove any unwanted noise or to make other adjustments to the audio. VOXPOD not only offers industry standard recording equipment, but also has access to state of the art editing software to improve and correct recordings.

Develop a Consistent Format

Create a consistent format for your podcast that includes an intro, segments, and an outro. This can help create a sense of structure and professionalism to your show. Consider creating a template for each episode to help keep things organized and consistent. If you’re ever unsure about what segments should consist of, try tuning into some of your favorite podcasts and see if you can spot how they have allocated their segments within their overall showtime. 

Write a Script

Preparing a script in advance can help you stay focused, avoid tangents, and deliver your content in a clear and concise manner. Writing a script can also help you prepare for any guests you may have on your show, ensuring that your interviews are well-structured and engaging.

Edit Your Audio

Use editing software to remove any background noise, awkward pauses, and mistakes. You can also add music and sound effects to enhance the listening experience. Editing your audio can be time-consuming, so VOXPOD offers a range of editing to ensure podcasts can be uploaded shortly after recording. 

Use Good Branding

Create a professional logo and use consistent branding across all your social media channels and websites. This can help establish your podcast as a recognizable and trustworthy brand. 

Practice Your Delivery

Practice your speaking and delivery style to sound confident, engaging, and conversational. You can also consider taking public speaking or voiceover classes to improve your skills. Practicing your delivery can help you sound more natural and authentic on your podcast.

Get Feedback

Ask for feedback from your listeners, colleagues, and peers. Use this feedback to improve the quality of your podcast and make it more professional. You can also use feedback to identify areas of improvement, such as technical issues or content areas that need more development.

In conclusion, making your podcast sound professional can make a significant difference in the success of your show. By investing in quality equipment, developing a consistent format, writing a script, editing your audio, using good branding, practicing your delivery, and getting feedback, you can create a high-quality podcast that engages your listeners.

Remember that creating a professional-sounding podcast takes time, effort, and dedication. But by following these tips, you can improve the overall quality of your show and establish a loyal and engaged audience. With persistence and dedication, you can create a podcast that not only sounds professional but also offers valuable and engaging content to your listeners.

Why Should I film my podcast with HD Cameras?

Filming your podcast with HD cameras can offer several benefits:

Better quality: HD cameras can provide higher resolution and better image quality, which can make your podcast look more professional and visually appealing. At VOXPOD, our two studios are equipped with world-renowned Sony Alpha 6300 mirrorless cameras to ensure crisp HD footage of your podcast. 

Increased engagement: Visual content can help to keep your audience engaged and interested in your podcast. By filming your podcast, you can capture not just the audio, but also the body language and facial expressions of your guests, which can add an extra dimension to the conversation. Moreover, VOXPOD’s studios support multiple camera angles. Our engineers can perform a live video mix for you, chopping and changing camera angles to help create a more stimulating viewing for your audience. Our Red Studio supports up to five individual camera angles and our Green supports three. Why not get in touch and see which studio is best for you?

Multiple formats: By recording video in addition to audio, you can repurpose your content in multiple formats, such as creating video clips for social media or posting the full video version on YouTube or Vimeo. This can help to expand your audience and reach new viewers who may prefer to watch rather than listen to your podcast. We have also noticed that our podcasters’ audiences exponentially grow after they start to post regular video clips on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Short video clips quickly capture a viewer’s attention and can succinctly communicate your podcast’s message. With so many podcasts to choose from, listeners often find new podcasts through these professional short-form advertisements. 

Flexibility: Having video footage can give you more flexibility in the editing process, allowing you to add additional visuals or graphics to your podcast. If you want to tell a more cohesive narrative, inserting external images that you have either recorded yourself or taken from a third party, can create a more impactful message. The nature of recording video as well as audio also means that you gain an extra safety net if there are any issues when recording your audio. 

Overall, filming your podcast with HD cameras can add an extra layer of professionalism and engagement to your content, while also giving you more flexibility and options in the post-production process. 

Is it too late to start a podcast?

The podcast medium has become so popular that it’s hard to imagine a time before podcasts existed. With so many podcasts out there, you may wonder if it’s too late to start your own. In this blog post, we’ll explore whether it’s too late to start a podcast and what you can do to make your show stand out.

Firstly, is it too late to start a podcast? The answer is a resounding no. While there are certainly a lot of podcasts out there, there is still plenty of room for new shows. The podcast industry is still growing and evolving, and there are many untapped niches and topics that you could explore.

Since the pandemic, we are in somewhat of a podcast gold rush. While lots of podcasts were created during the pandemic, there were even more people who started to listen to podcasts for entertainment and information. This means that despite there already being so many podcasts to compete with, there are even more listeners than ever before. While Covid-19 has largely become a memory, podcasts and their audience of listeners has continued to grow. This growth shows no signs of slowing down soon, so there is still plenty of time to get involved.

Of course, starting a successful podcast takes more than just having a good idea. There are a lot of factors that go into making a show that people will want to listen to. Here are some tips for starting a podcast that stands out from the crowd:

Find Your Niche

One of the keys to podcast success is finding your niche. With so many podcasts out there, you do need to have a clear focus that sets your show apart. This could mean focusing on a specific topic or genre, or it could mean having a unique perspective or voice. The more specific you can be, the better. For example, instead of starting a general sports podcast, you could focus on a specific sport or team. This will help you attract a dedicated audience that is interested in the same things you are. VOXPOD’s team are always willing to bounce ideas with you, or even help hone in on your niche and your message. Having worked with such a large volume of podcasts, we can help you decide what your unique voice should consist of, should you want to stand out from the crowd.

Invest in Quality Equipment

While plenty of podcasts get by with a laptop and a pair of microphones, the overall production quality is poor. Far too many podcasts sacrifice listeners because their audio levels are too variable or because background noise interferes with a clean recording signal. While you don’t need to spend a ton of money on equipment to start a podcast, it’s important to have quality gear that will give your show a professional sound. Alternatively you can take some of the stress out of the technical side of podcast production and use a professional recording studio like VOXPOD. For each session you are provided with one of our engineers who is trained to get the most out of our PreSonus PD-70 microphones and Sony Alpha 6300 cameras. From there we can give you a professional audio and/or video mix to put out into the world. Poor audio quality can turn listeners off, so it’s worth investing some money to make sure your show sounds great.

Be Consistent

Consistency is key when it comes to podcasting. You need to have a regular schedule for publishing new episodes and stick to it. This will help you build an audience and keep them coming back for more. Whether you choose to release new episodes weekly, biweekly, or monthly, make sure you stick to your schedule and let your listeners know when to expect new content. Top tip: we recommend that if your show does not rely on staying up to date with current affairs/sport, that you try to record your shows in batches. If you have five or six episodes ready to go at any time, you provide yourself with a comfortable buffer period to chase down that next guest or even take some time off.

Engage with Your Audience

One of the great things about podcasting is that it allows you to build a community around your show. You can engage with your listeners through social media, email, or even in-person events. Make sure you respond to comments and feedback and ask for input from your audience. This will help you build a loyal following and create a show that your listeners love. You can even try incorporating listeners into your show, setting aside a segment to answer their questions. Some shows even have spin-off episodes exclusively dedicated to audience interaction and commenting on reactions to the previous show. If you wish to both monetize the show and reward your most loyal listeners, you might consider creating a Patreon page, where you post exclusive content to those fans who support you most.

Promote Your Show

Finally, it’s important to promote your show if you want it to be successful. This means using social media like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, email, and other channels to get the word out about your podcast. Don’t be afraid to reach out to other podcasters or influencers in your niche and ask if they would be willing to promote your show. The more exposure you can get for your podcast, the more likely it is that people will discover it and start listening.

If you ever catch yourself wondering if you have missed the boat, you haven’t, there is still plenty of time to get your podcast up and running. However, there is a lot more competition, if you want your podcast to succeed we hope that these tips will help you find your niche and your audience. Once you have your idea, we are always here to help you take the production to the next level.