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Podcast and vocal recording studio in South West London

VOXPOD are premier podcast and vocal recording studios conveniently located in Parsons Green, South West London. We specialise in professional recording of podcasts and other vocal recordings for up to 6 participants. With our two acoustically treated studios (Voxpod Red & Voxpod Green), Black Magic 6k pro video cameras  and professional Abbey Road trained sound engineer, we ensure the highest quality recording for your podcast, voiceover or audiobook sessions. We support both attended and remote recording sessions to maximise convenience for our clients.

Podcast Studios London


We offer podcast recording facilities for up to 6 people at a time plus a production team if needed. The studio is equipped with 5 Black Magic Pocket Cinema 6kPro cameras enable high quality video footage of all guests if required and state of the art podcast microphones. Our engineer assisted sessions allow for immediate recording without the hassle of setup or technical equipment. We provide independent headphone control on an iPad whilst our engineer takes care of the rest. We also offer video recording functionality (additional costs apply), enabling you to publish both video and audio versions of your show.

Remote Podcast Recording London


Fully portable audio and video setup, designed to empower your recording capabilities virtually anywhere you desire. From live events and conferences to professional content creation at your place of work or personal projects at home, our versatile setup ensures you capture high-quality audio and video content wherever you are. Elevate your recording experience with our cutting-edge, user-friendly technology that adapts to your diverse needs.

Audiobook Recording London


We provide services tailored to the recording of audiobooks, including the highest quality professional microphones and audio equipment. Multiple monitors, tablets and seating/standing arrangements ensure a comfortable recording session for longer projects. On site or remote production support is offered via our control room with talk back functionality.

Voiceover Studios London


We offer professional voiceover recording facilities to film, TV, and other media production companies. Our engineers control all the technical aspects and we have ample space for directors and anyone else required during the session. We also offer remote access to the studio, enabling external interaction with the sessions. Our attractive, comfortable studio located in Parsons Green offers a relaxing and professional location for voiceover recordings.

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